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Regardless of social status, credit/debit cards have become the standard for money management, making the use of coins  a nuisance to some of your customers. These customers want, and should have, the option to use their credit cards for laundry just as they do for all of their other "every-day" transactions. With it's wireless installation, internet processing and remote monitoring, the Spider Wash system allows you to give your customers the option to pay with a credit/debit card directly from your washers and dryers.

Still Have Questions?

Q: What is the advantage of adding credit card readers to my washers and dryers?

A: Not only will you increase customer loyalty, but the convenience of paying by credit card will attract many new customers to your store. Our data shows that credit card customers typically upgrade to bigger machines and spread their laundry over more units and more credit transactions means less frequency in coin collections.


Q: Can I still keep my current payment system or does the Spyder Wash system replace it?

A: Provisions have been made for coin, credit card and smart card payment acceptance, allowing you to keep your current method of payment and use it alongside the Spider Wash system.


Q: How hard is the Spyder Wash system to install?

A: All of our readers use the latest in long range Bluetooth technology so you simply install the reader on to the machine, plug the wireless gateway into your existing internet connection, and give us a call. Everything else is done easily from any computer with an internet connection.


Q: What do you mean by wireless?

A: Wireless means that all of the washers and dryers communicate back to an Internet Gateway. The latest in Bluetooth Wireless Technology is used, with three layers of encryption to keep all of your data safe and secure. The only requirement is a professionally installed internet connection.


Q: What brand or model machines are compatible with the Spyder Wash System?

A: The Spyder Wash System is compatible with any make or model machine.


Q: What kind of accountability do I get with the Spyder Wash System?

A: Total web based reporting gives you instant access to all of your coin, smart card and credit card data. Weather on vacation or in the office, just log in and see your coin laundry's statistics in real time. No more worries about computer capability or data loss.


Q: Do I have to put the readers on all of my machines?

A: No. Once you have done your initial installation you can add machines as you choose. The most successful locations will initially convert at least half of their machines. We find that due to positive response from customers, owners quickly convert the remainder of their machines.


Q: Do I have to pay a transaction fee to the credit card company every time a customer swipes their card?

A: No. The Spyder Wash System collects the total amount spent that day for each card number and batches them into one transaction, allowing you to pay only one transaction fee per customer.


Q: Once I buy the spyder Wash System, will I have to pay extra fees for options such as a loyalty program, remote monitoring or multi-location support?

A: No, everything is included in the, low cost, initial setup.


Q: Is the Spyder Wash System PCI DSS compliant?

A: Not only does the software meet the rigid security standards, but we have added an additional measure of protection with our triple encrypted Bluetooth technology. All aspects of the system meet the PCI DSS requirements, from the washer/dryer interface to the processing of credit cards over the web.


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