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When designing a laundry room your choices seem endless. With Statewide's combination of quality products, innovative systems and design services, you can be confident that Statewide can meet all your laundry needs and you'll be happy with the results.

In today's competitive housing market, the details that seem small can make or break your apartment or condo property. And one of the best ways to attract new residents and add value to your property is to transform your laundry room from a simple convenience to a significant amenity.

1) Micro-Display

Offering the most essential features and programming options, the Micro-Display Control (MDC) on Speed Queen® commercial washers and dryers is user friendly and features an attractive, easy-to-read design.

  • Coin Countdown Start
  • Displays vend price and countdown coin and cycle time.
  • Touch Pad Control
  • Offers touch pad selection combines both temperature and cycle.
  • Sound and Light Indicators
  • Indicate cycle status and coin validation.
  • Activation Options
  • Available with Coin Drop installed, Card Ready or Coin Ready models.
  • Manual Programming and Audit
  • Program and audit use via the control panel.

A Quantum Leap in Laundry Room Performance

The Quantum system is now available on our full line of coin or Smart-Card vended washers and dryers. This system offers total automated control over your laundry.

Working with Statewide to program and reprogram your washers and dryers is quick and easy, allowing you to customize cycles, establish vend prices, determine prewash/extra rinse options and program special features, including:

2) Quantum Control Display

The high-end, premium display is easy to use and read, with simple controls and a bold, clear display. A wash cycle countdown allows residents to see how the cycle is progressing and helps customer turns during peak periods of operation.

Quantum® Controls represent the most sophisticated technology on the market today, uniting equipment, programming and multi-housing facility management into one versatile system. Working in tandem with your Speed Queen washers and dryers, your LSP can program your machines to:

  • Easily manage your laundry room with remote internet access from any computer in the world.
  • Establish multi-level pricing and soil-level cycles.
  • Track coin or card transactions.
  • Quantum Controls offer an easy-to-read digital display that allows residents to see how their load is progressing and ensure that machines turn over quickly.
  • Let your residents choose up to 27 cycle combinations to provide the proper temperature and soil level selection for maximum efficiency and user preference.
  • Multi-level vend options allow you to set varying vend prices for hot and warm wash cycles and medium and heavy-soil loads.
  • Give residents the option to purchase additional top-off dryer time before the initial dryer cycle has been completed.

 WashAlert™ with Service Alert

The WashAlert™ with Service Alert is a revolutionary add-on to Speed Queen's Quantum Control that offers remote laundry room access for residents, and provides property owners and managers with real-time service alerts about laundry room operation. Additional features include:

  • Laundry rooms can be networked to a website or property cable channel, giving residents the ability to check machine availability and remaining cycle times at their convenience.
  • Service Alert provides LSP's with real-time information about vend errors, auto restarting and when a machine needs servicing.

3) Push-To-Start

The Push-To-Start Control on commercial Speed Queen® washers and dryers assures reliable performance and helps optimize efficiency. The control panel offers convenient features - including an energy-saving cycle with an electronic timer

  • Push-To-Start Button
  • Six Water and Cycle Selections
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Selections

4) Coin Slide

Speed Queen® offers complete range of coin slide operated laundry products to meet the basic needs in multi-housing dwellings.

  • Two Washer Control Options
  • Six Wash Cycles
  • Three Wash Temperatures
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Options


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