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  • High-Performance Industrial Washer Extractors

    High-Performance Industrial Washer Extractors

    For high-capacity on-premises laundries whose operation demands the best of the best, there’s no other choice than UniMac® high-performance washer-extractors. Durable construction, industry-leading efficiency and exclusive innovations like UniLinc™ and OPTispray™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine on the planet. Whether you operate a hotel, long-term care facility or any other on-premises laundry, UniMac has a washer extractor for you. With a full line of versatile, industrial-strength commercial laundry machines, we have a solution to suit any on-premises laundry needs.


    Dedicated, full-time labor for managing the laundry operation | Long-term, trouble-free investment with lower operating costs | Health care operations, hotels, commercial laundry or corrections environments 45 lb Capacity | UWN045T4V
    65 lb Capacity | UWN065T4V
    80 lb Capacity | UWN080T3V
    100 lb Capacity | UWN100T3V
    125 lb Capacity | UWN125T3V
    150 lb Capacity | UWN150T3V
  • Mid-Performance Commercial Washer Extractors

    Mid-Performance Commercial Washer Extractors

    With all the durability, efficiency and innovation of high-performance models, UniMac mid-performance washer extractors are designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction but still want to take advantage of the industry’s lowest cost of ownership. These industrial washing machine workhorses come ready to deliver reduced costs and optimized throughput to on-premises laundry facilities in industries of all types and sizes.


    Seasonal or medium use | Part-time, dual-source labor | Improved utility costs | Small hotel, mid-sized nursing home or fire station use 45 lb Capacity | UWN045K2M
    65 lb Capacity | UWN065K2M
    80 lb Capacity | UWN080K1M
    100 lb Capacity | UWN100K1M
    125 lb Capacity | UWN125K1M
  • Cabinet Hardmount Washer Extractors

    Cabinet Hardmount Washer Extractors

    Designed to meet the low-volume application needs of small on-premises laundry facilities orlarger OPL facilities that want to add versatility to their commercial laundry equipment lineup, UniMac cabinet hardmount washer extractors deliver all the durability and performance you’d expect from the world leader in commercial laundry. Featuring the industrial strength and innovation that UniMac commercial laundry equipment is famous for, these remarkable washer extractors are built to get the job done right. Still high-efficiency. Still high-throughput. Just in a more affordable package.


    Lower operating costs | No dedicated labor | Less cycles per day | Assisted living, restaurant, volunteer fire station, spa and athletic facility use 20 lb Capacity | UCN020
    30 lb Capacity | UCN030
    40 lb Capacity | UCN040
    60 lb Capacity | UCN060
    80 lb Capacity | UCN080
  • Softmount Commercial Washer Extractors

    Softmount Commercial Washer Extractors

    Ideal for upper-floor on-premises laundries or other installations where a poured foundation isn't an option, UniMac UX model softmount washer extractors offer the perfect solution. Like all UniMac commercial laundry equipment, these industrial laundry machines are durably constructed and feature unmatched innovation to meet the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities in a variety of industries. And with an efficient design that uses up to 34 percent less space, these machines are perfect for facilities with limited space.


    Lower operating costs | Hotel, health care, restaurant, fire station, spa and athletic facility use 18 lb Capacity | UX18PV
    25 lb Capacity | UX25PV
    35 lb Capacity | UX35PV
    55 lb Capacity | UX55PV
    75 lb Capacity | UX75PV
    100 lb Capacity | UX100PV
    135 lb Capacity | UX135PV
    165 lb Capacity | UX165PV
    200 lb Capacity | UX200PV
    275 lb Capacity | UX275
  • Car Wash Laundry Machines

    Car Wash Laundry Machines

    The UM202 is the only heavy-duty toploading washer-extractor in the world constructed from 100% stainless steel. It has long been the industry standard for car wash owners who require an effective wash at an efficient pace.


    Faster cycle times | Decreased utility costs | Heavy-duty machine with long life | Car wash and dairy farm use (specialty uses) Car Wash | UM202
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