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We are proud to serve the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia for all your commercial laundry equipment needs. Gold store enables you to make changes from your computer anywhere in the world.

Quantum™ Gold drying tumblers provide owners with advanced functions such as special and time-of-day pricing. Operations reports are easily downloaded to PC or PDA. However, for the greatest ease, networking your Quantum™ Gold store enables you to make changes from your computer anywhere in the world.

Micro-Display Control (MDC)

This control's digital display can give your laundry a more high-tech look. Our Micro-Display Control (MDC) shows vend price, while customers stay informed during operation with its digital cycle count down. Like Quantum™ Gold, the MDC can interface with the store owner's card reader of choice.

Classic Durability

For more than 100 years, the Speed Queen name has been synonymous with quality construction. That reputation continues today. All our tumble dryers are built on heavy-duty frames and utilize extremely durable internal components. Our commitment to quality ensures your laundry receives years of service from Speed Queen products.

Efficiency = Profitability

The faster and more efficient your tumble dryers are, the more profitable your store will be. Speed Queen's stack tumble dryers are offered in 30 and 45 lb models and feature an axial airflow process. This pattern ensures heated air comes in contact with the load at

the optimum time in the tumble process. Bottom line? It's the fastest, most efficient drying process for customers, which means excellent things for your own bottom line.

An Easy Open-and-Shut Case

Extra-large stainless steel doors and heavy-duty hinges ensure they can stand up to the repeated use of high traffic vended laundries.

Excellent Capacity

At 60 lb and 90 lb, respectively, the stack 30 and 45 enable your laundry to offer substantial drying capacity in the space of a single pocket tumble dryer. Additional capacity helps your laundry keep up with customer demand for drying pockets during busy times.

Less Lint Clean-Up

The stack's lint drawers offer maximum lint capacity in a minimum amount of space. Owners receive efficiency with less cleaning, while customers always receive fast drying results.

The Hole Story

Vended laundry owners know all too well that drywall screws, left behind in clothes, can cause extensive damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder. Our patented cylinder design allows drywall screws to pass through oval perforations and saves store owners from the annoyances of reduced efficiency and expensive replacement parts.

Simple Installation

Speed Queen commercial stack tumble dryers are easy to install with single gas, electrical and exhaust connections. This trims installation costs.

If you are replacing or adding equipment, Statewide's experts can survey your needs with a free survey! We take your old equipment in on trade and get you up and running fast! We also provide un-matched financing to meet your needs.