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  • On-Premises Washers

    On-Premises Washers

    Every on-premises laundry needs equipment that can be trusted for long-lasting performance and that gets laundry done on time and
    Top Load Washer | UWNMN2SP112CW01
    Front Load Washer | FTUA1A*N
  • Industrial Dryers

    Industrial Dryers

    UniMac light commercial on-premises laundry dryers offer extra-large drying capacity despite their compact size. Inside these durable machines, you’ll also
    Electric | UDE807*F
    Gas | UDG809*F
Commercial Stack Dryers

    Commercial Stack Dryers

    All the features of standard light commercial dryers in only half the square footage, UniMacstack units not only increase the
    Electric | USE807*F
    Gas | USG809*F
 On-Premises Laundry Stack Washer/Dryers

    On-Premises Laundry Stack Washer/Dryers

    OPL washer and dryer combinations offer the guaranteed performance found in every UniMac product while offering the area needed to
    Electric | LTUA7A*N
    Gas | LTUA9A*N
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